Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our 2016 PSF Board of Directors

The PSF's annual election completed yesterday. Please welcome the new PSF Board of Directors for the 2016/17 term!

  • Annapoornima Koppad 
  • Carol Willing
  • Carrie Ann Philbin
  • Diana Clarke 
  • Jackie Kazil
  • Kushal Das
  • Lorena Mesa 
  • Naomi Ceder
  • Trey Hunner
  • Van Lindberg
  • Younggun Kim

These eleven directors represent a range of continents, genders, ethnicities, and technical specialties. Their biographies, and their plans and hopes for the PSF, are in their candidates' statements on the wiki.

Our heartfelt thanks to the outgoing board members Nick Coghlan, Lynn Root, Alex Gaynor, Marc-Andre Lemburg, Anna Ossowski, and Ashwini Oruganti.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Reminder: Vote for the 2016 Board of Directors

Description: black-and-white photo of three women in early 20th Century clothes, at a wooden ballot box. The woman in the center folds her ballot to place in the box.

If you're a voting member of the Python Software Foundation, then on May 20 you were emailed a ballot to vote for this year's Board of Directors. The voting booths close at the end of May 30, Anywhere on Earth, so please get your votes in!

Who is a voting member? Details of membership levels and voter registration, along with the list of candidates for this year's board, are on the PSF wiki:

Image: Women voting in New York City, 1917. Library of Congress file no. 00037.